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About Mantra

Mantra’s mission is to make healthier INDIA by Preventing diseases through regular exercise, Goal setting through exercise programme with scientific evaluation, Motivating participants through new and innovative Mind and Body approach in the realm of Exercise, Yoga and Nutrition. Rating of fitness level for every participant and providing revolutionary HAV (Health Asset Value – basically monitoring health parameters) report to them.

Mantra thus provides a unique Mind & Body approach to keep an individual Physically, Mentally and Socially fit under one roof… It is just not a gymnasium but a “Life Style Health Club”- the first of its kind in Kolkata. Our programs and packages have been designed to suit every individual’s need after lots of research and studies in the best possible ways at the most affordable price. .

Mantra initiated its journey in 2001 and since then there was no looking back. People realized the importance of maintaining a scientific Mind Body approach which can reward in the form of a beautiful physic and a stress free mind as well.

At Mantra, we help people as a Team and not as an individual and this makes our service so unique and of superior quality where expertise of different field joined hands to serve as a single entity. This integrated seamless platform is called “Team Mantra”. It consists of:

  • 1 Gym Trainer : They are experienced in weight training, with proper knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics. Apart from appropriate certification, all gym trainers need to go through the weekly training programme and quarterly internal examination protocol to upgrade their skill. Gym trainers are mainly responsible for safe and proper execution of weight training at gym floor.
  • 2 Cardio Coach : Cardio coaches are specialized in cardio training, with proper knowledge of Exercise physiology, CPR and biomechanics. Apart from proper certification of all cardio coaches they also need to go through the weekly training programme and quarterly internal exam protocol to upgrade their skill sets. Cardio coaches are mainly responsible for safe and proper execution of Cardio training on Machines (Treadmills, Static Cycles, Cross Trainers, Rowing etc.), Calisthenics (Exercise with own body weight), Aerobics (Cardio training with music), Mumba (Special form of fitness Dance with music, fun and joy).
  • 3 Fitness Technician : They are the experts in therapeutic exercises, with proper knowledge of rehabilitation, anatomy, and physiotherapy. Apart from proper certification all Fitness Technician they also need to go through the weekly training programme and quarterly internal exam protocol to upgrade their skill sets. Fitness technicians are mainly responsible for safe and proper execution of BS screening schedule, Core training schedule, specific rehabilitation schedule, cool down and PNF techniques as prescribed by the physiotherapist.
  • 4 Physiotherapist : Physiotherapists are immensely experienced in the realm of physiotherapy with proper 4.5 years certification of Bachelor of physiotherapy (BPT) degree from UGC recognized university and should have IAP registration. Apart from proper certification, all Physiotherapists need to go through the half yearly training program and internal exam protocol to upgrade their skill sets. Physiotherapists are mainly responsible for evaluation of Biomechanical screening, Physiotherapy consultation , Pain management and Rehabilitation programme design .
  • 5 Yoga Teacher : They are experienced in Hatayaga, Paranayma, and meditation with proper knowledge of human psychology and Indian philosophy. Apart from certification, all Yoga Trainers need to go through the weekly training programme and quarterly internal exam protocol to upgrade their skill sets. Yoga trainers are mainly responsible for safe and proper execution of daily, weekly, and monthly yoga classes and special health and disease specific classes or projects conducted by Mantra.
  • 6 Dietician : Dieticians with proper degree of MSC in Nutrition from UGC recognized University are the experts in Nutritional counseling. Implementation of behavioral therapy for weight loss clients is the one of the major skill that our dieticians adhere to during internal training and upgradation programme. The prime role of dietician is to counsel and motivate our clients to adhere to healthy food habits.

As we work as a team, we have hierarchy system of team Leaders who are responsible to render the high quality services. In the pyramid – Master Trainer is at the top who has been recruited to train the trainers and to upgrade and innovate the training program, the Chief Trainer, Chief Dietician and Floor Manager have been recruited in each branch to monitor and seamless execution of the training and nutrition programme. Last but not the least are the Assigned Trainers, who has been assigned to our members to keep track of the Health and fitness data and to monitor the progress of the exercise programme. Each and every member has been linked to assigned trainers so that they can get personalized care and monitoring of their respective fitness program. Moreover those who want to achieve specific sports and fitness goals can additionally hire personal fitness trainers.

With lots of research and experiments, we are able to provide ‘n’-number of facilities and packages to suit the unique need of members like - Gym facilities, Weight loss packages, Aerobics and Mumba classes, Hata Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation classes, life style disease modification program like “Mukti” for Kidney patients, the innovative therapeutic package like Obesity & knee pain, Obesity & back pain, the first of its kind in Eastern India and diet counseling through highly sophisticated software by qualified nutritionist, different kinds of spa and body message packages, steam bath, sauna bath, Unique mind& body fitness packages for Children, injury management through proper guidance of sports medicine specialists, physiotherapist and doctors and rehabilitation facility. People have accepted our services and facilities with warmth and we have resounding success in the past seventeen years of our business by touching more than 60,000 (Sixty thousand)lives through our four branches at Dumdum Chiriamore, Barrackpore and Kancharapara and two consultancies — IISWBM & Texmaco.

Fitness Premier League (FPL): To encourage the fitness enthusiastic members of Mantra Family, we have started a comprehensive Fitness competition in very branch, through which Fit Man and Women and Strong Man and Women has been selected in every quarter and annual basis through the selection of top ten participants of every month and reward and resignation has been given to encourage every Mantra family members to stay focussed on fitness goal throughout the year.

Mantra is also one of the fastest growing health club chains in Kolkata and others district of Bengal. Besides all the above mentioned facilities, packages and services, Mantra has also started a home service wing with the motto of “if you can’t reach us, we will reach you” and through this wing we provide end to end help and support in Weight loss, Pain management, General fitness, yoga and Nutrition counseling to those people who can’t take time out time to reach us.

Spreading fitness through sports : As part of our visionary movement of healthier India we did not restrict our self only in fitness and wellbeing in form of exercises, Yoga and Nutrition only, we are promoting and encouraging our Mantra family members to participate in multiple sports events and test their fitness levels and also enjoy the same immensely. Some major sporting events are Body building Competition, Mantra Cricket Premium League (MCPL), Mantra Foot Premium League (MFPL), National Level Kettle Bell National Competition with the affiliation of KLFI (Kettle Bell Lifting Federation of India) and International Kettle Bell competition with affiliation of the International Kettle Bell Marathon Federation (IKMF), Mantra Runners Club Short Marathon Practice, Inter Mantra Badminton Championship and Tennis workshops.

With a lot of pride we would like to declare ourselves as one of the best health club chains in Kolkata and Tier 2 city and as we are growing from strength to strength every now and then we are continuously looking forward to reaching more and more individuals in the near future.

The most important and critical asset of any gymnasium and health club are their trainers and in view of this Mantra initiated their own institute of health and fitness management called “Mantra Institute of Health and Fitness Management (MIHFM)” in 2012 under W.B. Societies Registration Act 1961, In order to fill up the demand gap of the trained and educated fitness trainers .In the Same year MIHFM got affiliation of Netaji Subhas Open University. The affiliation empowers the institute to offer One Year Diploma In Fitness Management course (DFM) .MIHFM successfully completed four batches of DFM with 100% placement of the students. But somewhere at the end we felt our students need more national and international exposure to set higher limits for their career.

To accomplish this mission MIHFM and Gayo Fitness Academy joined hands together and singed a MOU which empowers MIHFM as sole franchisee Of Gayofitness Academy for Kolkata & West Bengal on the 1st Day of June 2017. This endeavor opens up National and International certification avenues for fitness professionals of Kolkata and West Bengal. The course covers 16 Fitness Goals, 8 Training Methodologies, 20 day theory& practical trainings. This course is Nationally and International accredited by Mumbai University (National), EUROPE ACTIVE LEVEL 4 (International) recognized in 52 countries. With this unique course simultaneously students can earn two main certificates – Mumbai University and EREPs level 4and 10 work shop certificates, 10 manuals& 8 DVDs with 1150 exercise. The many important aspects related to health and fitness like Physiology, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Food and Sports Nutrition, Injury and Disease Prevention, Practical Training, Yoga, Entrepreneurship and lastly improving communication, body language & emotional quotient under soft skills.

As part of our Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR), we extend all our help and support towards the livelihood program for Differently Abled People in Cheshire Home NGO in Serampore. Since 2006 we are organizing Durga Puja Parikarama with the inmates of these home and share happiness and joy with the society.

Mantra takes a major part in the movement of “No Tobacco” in Barrackpore Police Comissionerate jurisdiction of Bengal. With the help of the police stations of these localities Mantra has been able to drive a massive “No Tobacco” campaign by fixing “No Tobacco” signage in front of schools and organized seminars furnishing detrimental effects of tobacco to human body and health. One of the main purposes of this move is to keep children away from tobacco addiction. It is estimated that more than 440 children start consuming tobacco daily in Bengal. According to GATS- 2 Data, 33.5% of all adults in Bengal amounting 2.3 crore people, use some form of tobacco and demise of 1.5 lakh people every year from tobacco related diseases. As part of our visionary movement of Healthier India we did not restrict our self only in between the health club boundaries, we started reachingou to people by road shows and mass awareness camps by celebrating the World Tobacco day on 31st May at various police stations of Barrackpore Police Commissionerate since 2016. In 2018 Barrackpore Police Commissionerate implement The Cigarette & Others Tobacco Products Act (COTPA),prohibits smoking in public places will encourage our movement to make a completely Tobacco free atmosphere for youth in the near future.

Mantra is also involved with many others social activities and events. We keep organizing free health check-up camps in various housing complexes and localities in collaboration with Diagnostic Centre, seminars on diet, workshops on Basic Street Survival Techniques (BSST) for women.

Over and above, many more cultural and social programs are organized throughout the year by Mantra to take care of Social Health of our esteem members – Independence Day Celebration, Dandia Celebration,Bijoya Dashami Adda,Mantra Birthday Celebration,Mantra Picnic and last but not the least Mantra Fagun Utsav the annual cultural fest etc…

With such high levels of engagement and interaction, Mantra members, staff, trainers and management enjoy an active and healthy social life and as an outcome we experience one big “HAPPY MANTRA FAMILY” !