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Fitness Premier League

Fitness Premier League is a fitness competition among the mantra members. The very purpose of the competition is to motivate members to stay on a scientific fitness routing throughout the year.

Selection procedure of FPL

STEP 1 : From monthly Fitness test Mantra will select Top 10 performer to participate in quarterly top 10 competitions.

STEP 2 : From Quarter competition Mantra will select Top 5 performer for each quarter. And they will get additional bonus point


  Name Exer. Test Name Points Score For
Qtr. Competition
Total Points Bonus Qtr. Fit Women
Total Points
1ST A. CHATTERJEE push up 86      
  CHAMPION sit up 100      
    Sit & Reach 9      
    VO2 MAX 76 271 50 321.88
2ND S. BANNERJEE push up 72      
    sit up 100      
    Sit & Reach 5      
    VO2 MAX 77 254 40  
3RD R. CHAKRABORTY push up 90      
    sit up 89      
    Sit & Reach 6      
    VO2 MAX 53.53 238.53 30 321.88
4TH SHILPA GHOSH push up 87      
sit up 99      
Sit & Reach 7      
VO2 MAX 51.52 244.52 20 321.88
5TH BIBASHA PAL push up 86      
    sit up 89      
    Sit & Reach 7      
    VO2 MAX 52.76 234.76 10 321.88

In aforesaid example Mrs. A. Chatterjee stood 1st position with 271 points and she got additional 50 reward bonus point in that quarter. Now her total point for the end of 1st quarter competition (271+50) 321

STEP 3 : After completion of the 1st quarter when members entered to the second quarter, member again need to qualify within top 10 through the second quarter competition.


Mrs. A. Chatterjee 1st quarter score was 321 and 2nd quarter she stood 1st with the score of 300 point and she get additional bonus 50 points. Now her second quarter points (300+50) 350. After completion of the second quarter her total point is (321 + 350) = 671

STEP 4 : Top 10 participants among the four quarter will be eligible to qualify for the grand finale of the Mantra Fitness Premier league.

Norms follow for the test:

☞  Sit and Reach YMCAM USA

☞  Sit up test: Pollock ML, Wilmore JH, Fox SM: Health and Fitness through Physical Activity. New York John Wiley & Sons, 1978.

☞ Push up: Adolescent Norms: Canadian Standardized Test of Fitness Operations Manual, 3rd ed., Health Canada, 1986.

☞ 1RM: Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, 2: 395-425.

  dos Remedios R (2007) Men's Health Power Training, Rodale Inc. 23.