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The Mantra Magic Mantra Weight Loss Package

Mantra MMWL package is actually a magical touch to life. Unlike other conventional weight loss programs, it should more appropriately be taken as a lifestyle modification program.

This package is planned scientifically to invigorate the people with health consciousness. The very purpose of the program is to help seekers to lose non essential fatty substances of the body and to gain life with full vigor. Enhancing the healthy lifestyle through proper and controlled diet and exercise schedule without causing any harm to the person concerned is the ultimate achievement of this program. To become healthier, merrier and flamboyant Mantra MMWL package is a unique one.

Weight Loss Showcase

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How do we know we are fatty?

Usually we measure our weight on weighing machine and compare that weight with a standard height weight chart to identify our ideal weight. Weighing machine only measures our over all weight which comprising of fat, muscles, bones weight. It does not able to differentiate between weight of muscles, fat and bones. If a person having low body fat with heavy muscle and bones, standard height weight chart will identify that person as fatty or over weight. So standard height weight chart is not the perfect tool to measure your Ideal Body weight. Nor BMI calculation. BMI calculation only considers Body weight and height. The formula for BMI is Bodyweight in kg/ Height in centimeter*. So if a person develops more muscle in his body with an intensive training, according to BMI calculation he will always be considered to be an obese person. Or if a tall person wants to reduce extra body fat always ends up losing extra lean Body Mass, if he or she is following BMI calculation.

For this reason MMWL package follow body composition assessment Guidelines. Body composition is used to describe the percentages of fat, bones and muscles in human body. It gives more details inside our body and Once we know the present percentages of fat and muscles in our body, ideal weight loss goal can be set according to that percentage. Ideal weight loss involves loosing body fat while maintaining lean body mass (muscles and bones). MMWL package has been deigned in such a unique way it helps to reduce only unwanted fat while simultaneously maintaining lean body mass.


Measurement of Waist and Hip is important. The loss of inches is an indication of real success. Some times when weight loss is marginal but reduction in inches from waist and hip is more, indicates fat loss which is very much significant. Inch loss is of fundamental importance, as it represents real fat loss.

Don't get obsessed with the weighing machine rather try a tight and discarded outfit which you could barely fit into and see the difference every week. The general guidelines regarding Ideal weight are useful for most of the people but not for all. So, don't stick to the rules strictly rather try to maintain the weight at which you feel most comfortable, look most attractive and can enjoy your life.

Why is the MMWL (Magic Mantra Weight Loss Package) so revolutionary and so Right.

Losing weight is not matter of counting calorie, it is a matter of eating food your body can handle. Most obesity exists when the body's metabolism (the process by which food turns into fuel) doesn't function properly. More over weight person means more certainty of presence of metabolic disturbances. MMWL package corrects the metabolic disorder and root out the problem through scientific Hexagonal Approach and behavior therapy which have been experimented successfully for the last 15th years. MMWL package rectifies all bad habits which are responsible for metabolic disorders. Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of. Through MMWL package we try to get rid of those bad habits which are responsible for metabolic disorders and encourage adopting healthier lifestyle which rejuvenate life and enrich health.

Unique HEXAGONAL Approach:

MMWL package scientifically follows an unique Hexagonal Approach. This method includes Six Life Style Techniques to combat chronic problems of Obesity.

  • 1 Cardiovascular & Rhythmic Aerobic Exercise: Planned and scientific CRA Exercise programme increase the VO2max and MET of MMWL members which induces fat burning condition.
  • 2 Weight Training Exercise: Planned and scientific Weight Training Exercise programme increase the 1RM and BMR of MMWL members which helps to burn more calories at rest.
  • 3 Diet Counseling: The key to reaching and establishing a healthy weight and body composition is by improving your metabolism. One way to do this is by eating right food at right time and in right quantity. Our trained and qualified dieticians, through proper diet counseling and behavioral therapy help to improve metabolic processes of our body to reach desired weight reduction goal.
  • 4 Core Stability& Toning Classes: Gradational Core stability Exercise, Gym ball, Kettle bell, Pilates and EMS are classes offered according to the need to reduce inches and enhance balance and stability of one's body.
  • 5 Sauna Bath and Steam Bath: Detoxifies body, Burn calories, to get rid of pain and to rejuvenate your skin and external appearance.
  • 6 Computerized Monitoring: With our computerize monitoring and system we track all medical and fitness records. Through our web application members can monitor and preserve regular weight history and every week we produce MFBB report which helps members to track their progress.