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At Mantra, we help people as a Team and not as an individual and this makes our service so unique and of superior quality where expertise of different field joined hands to serve as a single entity. This integrated seamless platform is called “Team Mantra”.
As we work as a team, we have hierarchy system of team Leaders who are responsible to render the high quality services. In the pyramid – Master Trainer is at the top who has been recruited to train the trainers and to upgrade and innovate the training program, theChief Trainer, Chief Dietician and Floor Manager have been recruited in each branch to monitor and seamless execution of the training and nutrition programme. Last but not the least are the Assigned Trainers, who has been assigned to our members to keep track of the Health and fitness data and to monitor the progress of the exercise programme. Each and every member has been linked to assigned trainers so that they can get personalized care and monitoring of their respective fitness program. Moreover those who want to achieve specific sports and fitness goals can additionally hire personal fitness trainers.

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About Mantra

Mantra’s mission is to make healthier INDIA by Preventing diseases through regular exercise; Goal setting through exercise programme with scientific evaluation; Motivating participants through new and innovative Mind and Body approach in the realm of Exercise, Yoga and Nutrition; Rating of fitness level for every participant and providing revolutionary HAV (Health Asset Value – basically monitoring health parameters) report to them.

Mantra thus provides an unique Mind & Body approach to keep an individual Physically, Mentally and Socially fit under one roof… It is just not a gymnasium but a “Life Style Health Club”, the first of its kind in Kolkata. Our programs and packages have been designed to suit every individual’s need after lots of research and studies in the best possible ways at the most affordable price.

Mantra initiated its journey in 2001 and since then there was no looking back. People realized the importance of maintaining a scientific Mind Body approach which can reward in the form of a beautiful physic and a stress free mind as well.

History of Transformations


Cardiovascular & Rhythmic Aerobic Exercise

Planned and scientific CRA Exercise programme increase the VO2max and MET of MMWL members which induces fat burning condition.

Weight Training Exercise

Planned and scientific Weight Training Exercise programme increase the 1RM and BMR of MMWL members which helps to burn more calories at rest.

Diet Counseling

The key to reaching and establishing a healthy weight and body composition is by improving your metabolism. One way to do this is by eating right food at right time and in right quantity.

Core Stability& Toning Classes

Gradational Core stability Exercise, Gym ball, Kettle bell, Pilates and EMS are classes offered according to the need to reduce inches and enhance balance and stability of one's body.

Sauna Bath and Steam Bath

Detoxifies body, Burn calories, to get rid of pain and to rejuvenate your skin and external appearance.

Computerized Monitoring

With our computerize monitoring and system we track all medical and fitness records. Through our web application members can monitor and preserve regular weight history and every week we produce MFBB report which helps members to track their progress.

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